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Carolyn McCarthy

Hello! I’m happy you are here.

I grew up in Minnesota loving birds and water. As a 25-year resident of Bellingham, Washington, I wrote for local papers, sang and acted on local stages, and founded Little Bird Theater, bringing pop-up productions to vacant spaces downtown.

In 2017 I moved to Blanchard, a tiny town on the Salish Sea. These days I’m focused on the natural world. I share my observations through Letters from Little Bird.


This is a hard time. I struggle with living in a world that can feel broken and angry.
But beauty is also true. Just ask the eagles.

– Letters from Little Bird, Winter 2018

Letters from Little Bird:
An analog blog in your mailbox

I’m increasingly interested in slowing down, stillness, and silence. So, instead of plays and songs, I’m turning to letters and poems — and the good old USPS. I’ll send you quarterly offerings on a theme, chosen annually. For 2018, the theme was Home; In 2019, it’s Change.

Each missive will embody the Little Bird values of excellence, intellect, love and beauty. I’m hoping it will offer you a chance to sit down, take a deep breath, and be nourished. No reply is expected, though as with all my work, a response is always welcome in whatever form you choose. Letters will arrive quarterly, but there is no set schedule: Enjoy the surprise!

Letters are free to receive. You can change your address or ask me to stop sending to you any time. Just email me at the address below.

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Taking time to stop and taste the slugs

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