A way of paying attention that can bring us greater resilience, ease, and joy.

Upcoming Classes


Mindful Self-Compassion
January 2020
Co-teaching with Tim Burnett

A Day of Mindfulness at Semiahmoo (Whatcom County)
February 2020
Co-teaching with Tim Burnett

Mindful Self-Compassion
April 2020
Co-teaching with Tim Burnett

Day of Mindfulness at Semiahmoo (Whatcom County)
May 2020


Mindfulness Teacher Training Program
Mindfulness Northwest
Tim Burnett, Karen Schwisow
September 2019 – June 2020

Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher Training
Center for Mindful Self-Compassion
Steve Hickman, Chris Germer, Michelle Becker, Regula Saner
January 5-10, 2020

Plus workshops and retreats with David Treleaven, Michelle Johnson, Tuere Sala, and Heather Sundberg.

Headshot by Tiffany Brooks


diving in
piercing the mirror glass after
the slippery silver mystery
to feed us, to fly
you, the kingfisher, and I

Carolyn McCarthy

​Carolyn McCarthy has worked for years cultivating presence, attentiveness, and joy as a writer, actor, and singer. After a decade of solo meditation practice, she was thrilled to find Mindfulness Northwest’s retreats and classes. The process of learning in community under the guidance of a trained teacher has been invaluable, inspiring her to become a teacher herself.

Carolyn offers classes in the hopes of moving us, individually and collectively, toward healing, wholeness, and love. Mindfulness practices help her to be a calmer, happier person and a better mother, daughter, partner, and friend.

Carolyn lives with her family where the Chuckanut Mountains meet the Salish Sea. In addition to time in the classroom, she loves reading, singing, writing letters, watching birds, and dancing like a complete and utter fool.

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